Withania Coagulans (Paneer Booti) پنیر بوٹی

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Cheese Rennet is also famous with the nameof Paneer Booti which is one of the most beneficial herbs .

This herb is mostly found in India, Nepal, and Afghanistan.

The amazing thing of this herb is that its all parts are beneficial including flower, fruit, leaves, stem, and seeds .

Cheese Rennet helps in curing many diseases.


Benefits of Cheese Rennet :

Cheese Rennet helps in curing Diabetes.

It helps to purify stressed blood which helps to control acne.

It provides insulin to the body in the right quantity.

It controls high blood pressure.

It repairs the beta cells of pancreas.

It also minimizes complications of hyperglycemia.

It is also effective for the treatment of asthma.

If the paste of cheese rennet is applied on wounds ,it speeds up the healing process

CheeseRennet also relieves problems of weakness, dizziness, body ache and polyuria.





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