White Pepper (Safed Mirch) سفید مرچ


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White pepper (Safed Mirchi is a spice that has very old and long history. It contains a large quantity of magnesium, iron, and dietary fibers which are the best source of supplying minerals to the body. White pepper has antioxidant properties due to its presence of vitamins. The white pepper is considered one of the potential fighters against the organism that might enter into the body to harm cells.


Health benefits of White pepper:

White pepper is a pain reliever as it contains capsaicin. It is extremely beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis.

It helps in burning the fats inside the body and thus helps in loosing weight.

It prevents stomach ulcers and control blood pressure.

It helps to cure muscular swelling and pain.

It is also capable to flush out the excess fluid from body as well.

It is so helpful in treating headache and cough.

It is also so effective to associat with various heart diseases.


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