White Cumin (Safed Zeera) سفید زیرہ


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Cumin flower yields a small slender, oblong, curved seeds which are yellow to brown in colours. The Mediterranean sea is the most suitable for the cultivation of white cumin plant. White cumin has the most powerful distinct flowers with warm aroma. They are mostly small, pink or white flowers and their appearance is obvious on the umbles in the shape of oblong or ovate.

The leaves of the white cumin plant are bipinnate with length between 5 to 10 c. m and have leaflets like threads.


Benefits of white Cumin:

White Cumin helps to free fatty acids, phosoholipids and triglycerides of tissues and plasma.

Having antimicrobial and aniparasitic properties, white cumin is so effective for curing fever.

It balances metabolism due to the presence of chemo preventive.

White cumin is a great source of antioxidants so that it provides zinc, copper, vitamin C and E.

It keeps great power to lower the cholesterol.

The oil that is extracted from the white cumin fruit restrict the antifungal activity

Adjacent to yeast and dermatophytes.

The Cumin power is so effective as it can reduce the glucosuria and hyperglycemia.

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