Sweet Almond Oil (Badam Oil) بادام کا تیل

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Almond oil comes from Almond with out using high heat or chemical agent. However they are pressed with low heat process to extract the oil. The process of low heat helps Almond oil to retain much of its nutrients content.

Almond oil is so rich in vitamin and its a great source of magnesium, phosphorous and copper. It helps to maintain healthy cholesterol level and improve memory as it contains omega -3 fatty acids.

Containing vitamin B-7 or biotin Almond oil helps to keep hair and nails strong.

The truth is, adding Almond oil to your diet can be good for metabolism and it reduces serious diseases


Benefits of Almond oils:

It is so effective for dry skin wrinkles, dark spots chapped lips.

It boosts up immune system.

It regulates blood fat level.

It maintains sugar in Diabities patients.

It helps to reduce cancer and heart diseases.

It helps to reduce cholesterol level.

It kills bacteria completely.

It does have capacity to make hair strong.


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