Sal Ammoniac (Noshadar Thikri) نوشادر ٹھیکری

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Sal ammoniac (NoshadarThikri)is one of the natural minerals composed of ammonium chloride.

Sal ammoniac is highly soluble in water, and crystals can only be collected prior to a rainfall after their formation.

This compound has plenty of health benefits. This mineral is used for reducing inflammation from the body.

Not only this, but it also benefits the patients with gastroinestinal problems such as stomach ulcers and indigestion. Apart from it,this is the best remedy for liver, spleen etc.


Benefits of Noshadar Thikri (Sal Ammoniac)

NoshadarThikri eliminates the impurities from stomach and discharge it through urine.

It treats stomach ulcers and indigestion problems.

It stops heartburning and flatulence.

This mineral is so beneficial for asthma too.

Having expectorant properties,it is used to reduce cough and phlegm.


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