Rock Sugar (Mishri) مصری

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Rock Sugar also known as Rock Candy or Sugar Candy, is a hard confection made by cooling sugar syrup in to large crystals, sometimes around a stick or a piece of string.It can be made with different types of sugar, including white granulated sugar, sugar cane and brown sugar. Rock Sugar is specially common in Asain cuisines and is used to sweeten teas, desserts and even savory dishes.It is less sweet than a comparable volume of granulated white table sugar, making it an ideal mild sweetner for many drinks and sweet dishes.



*It relieves cough and sore throat

*It helps boost hemoglobin levels

*It makes for a great digestive

*It acts as an energy booster

*It stops nose bleeding

*It is good for brain

*It improves vision

It can be used as a freshner after food.

Weight 1000 kg


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