Rock-Salt (Lahori Namak) لاہوری نمک


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Lahori Namak (Rock-Salt)


Lahori salt is also known as Himalayan salt as it is mined at the khewra and jehlum district Pakistan. Lahori salt is clourless but may appear blue, red or grey. Lahori salt has been famous for many reasons. People give preference to it over normal salt because it is in its purest form of rock salt which later refined for normal use.

Lahori salt is used in preservatives and ice creams to keep them away from the freezing Point .

Benefits of Lahori Salt or Namak :

Lahori salt stimulates the blood circulation thus, keeps your organs healthy.

It helps cure rheumatic pain and herps

It is also good for skin ellergies and insects bites.

It is so beneficial to relieve throat pain, cough and swelling.

Lahori Salt along with lemon juice is so helpful for kids tummy and this was way they get rid of worms.

It cures influenza.

It wonderfully helps loose weight as it balance minerals salt .

Lahori salt provides skin enough minerals and reduce stretch marks

Rock salt is good for hair and give them natural shine and beauty.

Use of Lahori Salt Namak :

Scrub with Lahori Namak get rid of all the artificial scrubs.

It is natural scrub and can be used along with olive oil or almond oil to get a nice glowing skin.


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