Roasted Chana (Bhuny Chany) بھنے چنے

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Roasted grams or Bunny Chaney are black chick peas which are famous with the name of channa for centuries in South Asia.They are of legume shaped and are very crunchy.

Roasted grams can be used in different forms with various recipes. These grams have greatest medicinal value and definitely are rich source of vitamins, proteins and fiber. That is why; they have extremely amazing benefits and are healthy to your diet.


Health Benefits of Roasted Gram (Bunny channey)

  • Roasted grams are good for digestive system because of having a lot of fiber in them.
  • Having low calories, they help in managing weight.
  • They control blood sugar and blood pressure wonderfully.
  • Undoubtedly, they are so effective for the various chronic diseases.
  • They have the greatest ability to control cholesterol.
  • Roasted grams also benefit skin and hair as well.
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