Red Alum (Lal Phitkari) لال پھٹکری

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Red Alum crystal is formed next to volcanic fumaroles .Being a water soluble, natural Alum was originally obtained from desert sources long ago.

Red Alum is considered the most valued medicinal, personal and industrial resources.

The most important properties of red Alum are antiseptic antimicrobia.



Red Alum stops minor cuts or bleeding from shaving

It is so effective for body

AdoreAs it has capability for inhibiting bacterial growth.

Red Alum also can cure pimples acne marks, acne scars.

It is also helpful to tighten the skin.

Alum is widely used to for removing unwanted facial hair or upper lip hair


Usage / Dosage:

You can get rid of lice.

To make lice treatment, powered Alum is mixed in water along with little tea tree oil. This mixture is applied on the scalp for some time, it get rid of lice.

Red Alum powder is one of the home remedy to treat foot of athletes.

Add two table spoon in hot water and sock the feet in the water till water remain hot. Continue this process till 20 minutes.

Dry feet and don’t wear any hard foot wear till the feet gets cured.


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