Raisins (White kishmish) کشمش سفید


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Raisins or white kishmish is produced from drying grapes which are either in the sun or drier.

Basically, the grapes turn in to golden, green or black gems due to scorching of sun or drier.

Raisins or kishmishtests so sweet because of the presence of simple sugar of fruticose and glucose.

Playing vital role of sugar ofkishmish, it it keeps power to increase energy level high in human body. Apart from it, it also promote the nutrients which we eat.


Benefits of Raisins (white kishmish)

Raisins gain you weight without accumulating bad cholesterol level.

It helps in digestion and reduce acidity.

It helps to improve the production of red cells in the body.

It helps treat infection.

It is also so beneficial for bones.

It helps prevent cancer.

Raisins also stop hair fall caused by environmental damage.

It helps delay the appearance of the signs of aging like wrinkles, and blemishes.

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