Radish Seeds (Muli Beej) مولی کے بیج


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Radish seeds come from the radish plant some varieties of radish are cultivated solely for their sizeable seed production and seed pods. These seeds can be allowed to sprout, like many other seed types, such as mung beans. The freshly sprouted seeds are a very concentrated source of nutrients, many of which can have powerful effect on your overall health. The radish plant produces multiple purple or pink flowers on racemes which produce 2-12 seeds. The seeds are flat ovals, reddish brown in color and about 3 millimeters in length. “The seeds are soft with a giving crunch from the skins. Their flavour is mildly sweet and nutty, with hints of wheat.


1/ Radish seeds help to lose and balance weight.

2/ It can control the movements of the bowel and treat constipation.

3/ It also has a great ability to reduce cholesterol in blood through limiting the low-density lipoproteins.

4/ Radish seeds can protect the health of the heart.

5/ it is useful to treat the skin disorders and keep it healthy due to its content of nutritional components.

6/ Radish also includes some antibacterial properties which have a great effective in the treatment of dried and cracked skin.

7/ It can also fight against infections and provide adequate water for the skin.

8/ Radish seeds have been prescribed as a traditional remedy for kidney stones.

9/ one of the most exciting developments in the study of radish seeds is their potential to have certain positive effects against cancer.

10/ Radish seeds also stimulate the function of the liver and reduce the levels of toxins in your blood.


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