Quince Preserve (Behi Ka Murabba) بہی کا مربہ


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Behi Ka Murabba (Quince Preserve)


Murabba Behi (Quince Preserve is one of the most common Murabbas.

It is available at every local food stores, supermarkets etc.

It tests so deliciously.

It has greatest benefits regarding keeping body healthy and preventing from the harmful diseases.

These are the major benefits of this product Murabba.



* It amazingly helps to Care skin

* It boosts up immune system.

* It stops hair to become weaker and grow them stronger.

* It is so helpful in gaining weight.

It is extremely effective to regulate blood pressure in the body

It essentially treats Gastroinestinal diseases and prevents cancer.

Dosage :20 -25 grams daily or 1 or 2 Table spoon after meal.

Ingredients :

Selected Behi (Quince)Aqua,Sugar and Preservatives.

Weight 1000 kg


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