Pumpkin Oil (Roghan -e -Kadu Oil) روغن کدو

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Roghan -e -Kadu Oil (Pumpkin Oil)

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Pumpkin oil is the greatest energy of healthy nutrients. It is believed that Pumpkin is a big source of getting casotencid and lip soluble.vitamin.Nutritionists recommends that we should use Pumpkin oil in our daily life to avail zinc that is necessary to produce required amount of oil in our body.

The best thing about Pumpkin oil is that it is handy ingredients to keep around and use on daily basis to improve metabolic and physiological health.


Benefits of Pumpkin Oil Seed :

It helps to reduce inflammation .

It improves circulation of blood.

It is good for skin and also strengthens hair.

It keeps hormones balanced in our body.

It greatly prevents serious diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

It is a wonderful remedy for bones as it make them so strong.

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