Psyllium Husk (Isabgol Bhusi) اسپغول


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Ispagol is commonly known as psyllium Husk which is derived from the seeds of plants named Plantago Ovata.

This hurb mainly stands out in Asia. It is also so common in Mediterranean region and North Africa. The residents of this region believe that Spagol is the best remedy for loosing weight and removing toxins from digestive tract.



*Ispagol helps to fight against acidity of stomach.

*It is used as a best remedy to wipe out constipation.

*It plays vital role to maintain digestive so healthy.

*It superbly maintain cholesterol level and weight.

*It is an excellent remedy to control blood pressure particularly if it gets higher.

*Ispagol is the best fiber for healthy diet which is which is also so beneficial for heart diseases.

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