Potassium Nitrate (Kalmi Shora) قلمی شورہ


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Kalmishora (Potassium Nitrate) is chemical compound which is commonly called a salt stone. It is white in colour mineral that occurs naturally in the mountains and caves

This mineral is one of the active ingredients, commonly used for making gun powder, fertilizers, and medicines and as a preservative. This compound has wonderful health benefits.

Health benefits of Kalmishora(potassium Nitrate)

KalmiShora is highly effective in managing high blood pressure.

It is so helpful to ease existing problems in the blood vessels walls.

Kalmishora can help in reducing symptoms of asthma.

Its ayurvedic treatment can relieve digestive disorders and keep digestive system healthy.

The regular use of kalmishora(potassium Nitrate ) with water, lemon and juice can flush out kidney stones naturally.

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