Peganum (Harmal) ہرمل


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PeganumHarmala , known as Harmal seeds,are perennial plant.This herb originally comes from Africa particularly grown in the Middle East in abundance. Its cultivation is also available in different parts of South Asia mainly Pakistan and India.

Harmal seeds have various uses.One
of the main uses of Harmal seeds include in the extraction of dyes. The seeds of the plant are believed to release a red dye, called the “Turkey Red”, often used to dye carpets.

The second main use of the Hermal plant shows certain therapeutic properties.Such as, it stimulates action on the motor tracks on the center nervous system and cerebrum.

The most importantly,Harmal seeds also have wonderful medicinal
benefits. As Harmal is considered one of the medicinal plants so it is used in various Ayurveda medicines. Long ago, this plant was used as an aphrodisiac and a purifier.


Benefits of the Harmal Herb:

Hermal plant is so beneficial in curing Malaria and other types of fever.

This plant is highly effective for

curing laryngitis of the inflammation of the larynx .

Due to presence of the alkaloid hermaline, this herb can eliminate existing worms.

It helps in reducing sleeplessness and

Insomnia, with its narcotic properties.

The plant is extremely effective in

curing painful menstruations and helpto regulate menstrual periods.

It treats and cure asthma.

The paste of the roots of the Hermal plant with mustard oil helps to kill headach when applied externally.

It helps to reduce skin inflammation.


With so many properties and benefits, the dosage and the appropriate use of the herb should be enquired so closely. Over dosage may lead to severe reactions on the nervous system. Therefore, the correct dosage of the drugs made from this herb should always be taken in to consideration.


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