Nigella Seeds Oil (Kalonji Oil) کلونجی کا تیل

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Kalungi oil or black seed oil, has been used as powerful healer for ages. Klungi oil or black seed oil is not only with full of vitamin A, B, C but also packed with Calcium, Iron, zinc and potassium.Inaddition,it also contains the most important fatty acids which are the best support for grey hair.kalongi oil does not only protect hair from premature greying but also make them healthy and shiny.

Apart from it Kalongi has greatest benefits on health.


Black seed oil is one of the most essential oil specially for the regrowth of hair.

It controls from hair fall

It has an amazing healing properties.

It does not only enhance growth of hair but also make them shiny.

Kalungi oil is considered very effective to treat the patient of Asthma.

It does not allow cholesterol and blood pressure to go higher.

It is considered one of the antioxidant and anti-inflamatory.

Black seed oil keeps nutritive properties. So that’s why seed oil can restore the natural health and validity of skin.



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