Mustard (Rai) رائی

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The cultivation of mustard seed is common in different parts of the World.

It is one of the oldest species being used for ages. The seeds of the plants are grinded and mixed with water to form extensively used condiment called mustard. These seeds are an important ingredients in most of the regional cuisines.

There are three types of mustard plant. Black mustard, white mustard and brown mustard.

Mustard (brassica genus) includes broccoli, reddish, turnip cabbage and cauliflower.

Apart from it, mustard also includes in leaves such as arugula.

Benefits of Mustard (Rai)

Mustard seeds are packed with fiber so they are excellent for digestion.

Mustard are very helpful for relieving headache and migraines.

Having magnesium, mustard relieves the pain and strain in different parts of body.

It makes bones stronger because it is packed with mineral called selenium.

Mustard also strengthens nails, teeth and hair superbly.

Mustard may prevent

Cancer because of the presence of tiny seeds

Which have chemo preventive potential.

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