Moringa Gum (Sohjana Gond) سہانجنہ گوند

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Moringa Gum / Gond Sonjana is known as MoringaOleifera.It has an amazing medicinal uses. It is high nutritional herbal spice which includes minerals protein, vitamins, beta-carotene, amino acids.


Moringa gum has wonderful culinary uses.It is the best for using in pudding, confectionaries, backed items, jellies ice cream sauces and meat.

Phytosterols which are helpful in the formation of oestrogen and other essential hormones are also present in Moringa Gum.

Benefits of Moringa Gum (Sohjana Gond )

Moringa Gum is so effective to cure asthma.

It boosts immune system.

It controls high blood pressure and high sugar level.

It is beneficial in reducing conditions of swelling andinflamation.

It treats anaemia and dysentery.

It is also used to treat headacheand fever.







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