Margosa (Neem Patte) نیم پتے


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Neem leaves grow on the branches of Neem tree in groups or two. Each branch produces around eight groupings.

Neem leaves are mostly medium to large in size.

These green charming leaves are elongated to oblong in shape. They are extremely bitter and have grassy taste and aroma when torn. The best thing is, Neem leaves are available around the year.

Neem leaves have wonderful benefits on human health. They have anti-bacterial properties that is why they work on infections, burn or any kind of other problems. Besides, the oil extracted from Neem leaves and seeds also have anti -inflammatory properties that can help with skin condition such as acne.


Neem leaves have capability to destroy bacteria that causes infections.

They is so beneficial for heart diseases particularly for blood vessels cardiovascular.

They are used to cure malaria, fever, and bloody nose.

They keep power to stimulate immune system.

They are extremely helpful for intestinal worms, and upset stomach.

This herb is excellent for skin ulcer.

They helps in reducing appetite.

They are pretty valuable medicines for the face. As use of these leaves bring glow on the face.

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