Lotus (Gule Nilofar) گل نیلوفر


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Name of Product from Master Files: Gule Nelofar (Lotus)

Lotus is a plant that grows in lakes and rivers.The flowers, leaves and the parts of the underground stem (Rhizome) are used to make medicines.People use Lotus for bleeding, cough, fever, liver and stomach problems and other conditions.

In Asia, various parts of the Lotus plant are commonly used for cooking, baking and adding flavour to vegetables .It is also highly beneficial for health.

Benefits of Lotus:

  • It decreases swelling
  • It kills Cancer cells and bacteria
  • It reduces blood sugar
  • It is good for weight loss
  • It protects the heart and blood vessels
  • It protects skin, liver and brain
  • It fights against digestive problems
  • It is good for sore throat and cough
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