Long Pepper (Filfil Daraz) فلفل دراز

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Long pepper commonly called “pippal” in sanskrit,is an important medicinal spice.It belongs to the family piperaceae and is native to south and South east Asia.Long pepper is similar to black pepper in composition but it is less expensive and used as an adulterant of ground black pepper.It is the fruit of the piper longum and unlike many other fruits and spices,Long pepper is dried under the sun,in slight shade and then used.This pepper is also called indian long pepper, it s widely used in Ayurvedic medicine and offers various health benefits.



1/ Long pepper helps in regulating the amount of sugar in blood.

2/ Long pepper has components that are known to protect the liver.

3/ It also prevents jaundice from occuring .

4/ Long pepper protects the body from bacterial infections.

5/ Indian long pepper helps with weight loss management.

6/ It helps to stimulate the flow of oxygen to the brain and the organs.

7/ Long pepper leaves help strengthen your entire skeletal system and improve the overall health of your bones.

8/ It can help relieve chronic headache and toothache.

9/ It helps with indigestion and is good remedy for diarrhea.

10/ Long pepper is also used to treat patients who are in coma.


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