Jawarish Jalinoos (Jawarish Jalinoos) جوارش جالینوس

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JawarishJalinoos is a poly herbal unani formulation which is useful for digestive system and other various diseases. This herbal remedy is also considered as a general tonic for reducing weakness of heart, lungs and brain as well


Benefits of JawarishJalinoos :

JawarishJalinoos helps to treat all the stomach disorders .

It also reduces heartburn and pain in the stomach.

It improves digestion and reduces the secretion of gastric acid.

It is highly beneficial for constipation.

It is the best treatment for piles.

It can also help in treating urinary disorders.

Jawarishjalinoos is also the best remedy to allievetes headache.


JawarishJalinoos is very effective remedy for the piles and gastrointestinal problems including heart burn, Peristalsis.


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