Fenugreek Seeds (Methi Dana) میتھی دانہ


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Feungreek is also known as Hulhab. This herb originally comes from the Mediterranean region,Southern Europe and Western Asia

Feungreek seeds are so valuable in different aspects. Such as :It is enormously used for making medicines and cooking. Most of the Indians consider the leaves of Feungreek as vegetables so they eat them.

In addition, this herb has the best use in manufacturing of cosmetics and soaps.

Benefits of Feungreek :

Feungreek seeds have wonderful capacity to prevent obesity, and reduce sugar level in blood.

They cure kidneys ailments and treat mouth ulcers.

They are very effective for different heart problems including hardening of arteries

They also maintain high blood pressure and cholesterol level.

The use of fenngreek seeds work superbly for infected tissues.

They ate the best remedy for chronic cough and chapped lips.

Feungreek seeds are used for painful menstruation and they bring soothing results.

They completely benefit the skin and are very good for it.


Dosage :

Feungreek iseeds are sometimes used as a poultice. That means they are wrapped in cloth, warmed, and applied directly to the skin to treat local pain and swelling (inflammation)or muscle pain.

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