Fennel (Sounf) سونف


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Fennel (sounf) is flowering plant species. It is mostly hardy, peremial herb with yellow flowers and featherly leaves.

Fennel is Indigenious to the shores of Mediterranean Sea.

Besides, it is widely naturalize in other parts of the World. The availability of this herb is mostly on dry soil near the sea coast or and on the river banks.

According to food nutritionists, chewingfennel (sounf) seedsagumentsintrite content in slavia which work as a natural remedy to maintain blood pressure.

Apart from it, Fennel has a great amount of potassium which is so important for body cells.

Top of that, fennel is a medicine that should be in every home


Benefits of Fennel (Sounf)

Fennel strengthens digestion by removing mental weakness as well as well as eliminating gastric moisture.

Fennel is extremely useful in gastric acidity and stomach ache.

It relieves bloating and constipation and heartburn.

It dialets blood vessels wonderfully.

It regulates the heart rate and maintains blood pressure.

It helps to boost metabolism in the body.

It prevents glaucoma.

It works wonderfully to regulate appetite.

It is used to encourage urination.

It also improves eye sight.

Fennel stimulates milk production in nursing women.

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