Fennel Seeds (Sonf) سونف

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Flaxseeds come from the plant called flax plant. This plant grows to be about two feet tall. It was firstly grown in Egypt but now its cultivation is available all around the world.

Flaxseeds are small brown or golden coloured seeds of plant which are richest in omega 3 fatty acids. Flex seeds are over all good for health as they contain protein, vitamin B1,magnesium phosphorus and zinc as well.


Health Benefits of flax seeds :


  • Flax seeds helpw ith digestive problems.
  • It is helpful for constipationand remove fate.
  • It wonderfully brings cholesterol level down.
  • Flax seeds prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • They are able to help with your weight because of its high level of fibre.
  • They improve immunity and strengthen metabolism.
  • They help to control blood sugar level.
  • Theyare also good for skin


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