Ephedra (Dama Booti) دمہ بوٹی


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Damabooti is one of the herbal that is so effective for those patients who suffer from serious flue or rashes. This herb has enormous uses regarding health benefits.

Health benefits of Dama booti (Ephedrine)

  • It helps to cure patients of asthma.
  • It is an excellent remedy for those who face problems regarding breathing.
  • It is so curable for the treatment of lungs.
  • The use of this herb treats throats and eliminates swelling.
  • It is effective for sugar patients facing flue problems.
  • It is also the best remedy for cough or related problems.
  • It reduces allergy from nose or ears.
  • It is equally important for children common problems like cough, sorethroat or flue.


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