Dyer’s Alkanet (Ratan Jot) رتن جوت


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Alkanet(RatanJot)isgenerally known with the name of Onosma Echioides Linnwhich are considered the member of Boraginceae family plant.This plant has been used to dye ointments,oil and waxes.Alkanet is also frequently used in soaps,lotions and make up products across the globe today. The roots of this plants are red dye with fat soluble, so this plant has been used to dye ointments, oils, and waxes and is frequently used in soaps, lotions, and makeup products across the world today. Having its pigmentation properties, alkanet root are largely used for dying wood and fabrics. In wood staining, alkanet isprefered as the most suitable imitation ofrose wood. fine imitation of rosewood.


  1. The leaves and roots ofAlkanetare used to relieve constant coughs and increase sweating during fevers.
  2. It works as blood purifier in the body withits diuretic actions to finish toxins.
  3. Alkanets is benificial for
  4. lifting depressions and anxiety.
  5. It has wonderful soothing effects on skin when it is used for any irritation or rash.
  6. It is used as an astringent for wounds.
  7. It brings definetly good results regarding treating stomach ulcers and diarrhea

Special Precautions:

It is UNSAFE to use Alkanet in pregnancy. It’s also best to avoid use of Alkanet during breast-feeding.

People with liver disease should avoid use of Alkanet.


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