Dried Assyrian Plum (Sapistan) سپستان


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Sapistan (dries Assyrians) are also common with the name of Sapistan khushk come from family borage. This is the native tree of Asia but is grown across the globe in the tropical regions. The fruit of this tree is edible, silmy but very heavy for digestion.

As for as, the roots of this tree are, they are the most effective and the best remedy to cure cough, cold and other throat problems.

Containing vitamin, this fruit has to be proved good for hair growth.

Sapistan is effectively used for treatment to prevent bacterial infection, respiratory infection and microbial infection as well.

Benefits of Sapistan:

Sapistan is the best remedy for curing cough and fever.

It has capacity to expell parasitics worms and other parasitics from the body.

It is a great healer of disease Ulcers.

It relieves constipation. It helps to heal respitory and bacterial infections.

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