Curcuma Zedoaria (Kachur) کچور

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Curcuma Zedoaria is as pice which is also known as white turmeric. This spice is also called haled mango as its fragrance is like a mango .Curcuma is a rhizome with a thin brown skin and a bright orange, hard interior. Its mells like a turmeric and mango. That is why it is commonly called AmbHald mango.

Zedoary plant is mostly grown in India and Indonesia. However, it is widely used as a spice in the West today. Its availability is so common in sub-tropical regions of eastern Nepal.

Zedoary is either cooked fresh or used in preparing pickles. While its paste is used in curries. In addition, it is also used in the manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics.


Benefits of Curcuma zedoaria:


Curcuma serves as a body stimulant and purifies blood.

It treats respiratory disorders effectively.

When curcuma is used as a juice form, it is possibly used to treat urine related disorders.

It is very useful in case of abdominal cramps.

It is the best remedy for indigestion so is helpful in loss of appetite.

It also helps to regularize menstruation.

It deals with various skin diseases and cure infections.

It relaxes brain and reduce anxiety, stress and fatigues.



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