Colchium Leteum (Suranjan Shirin) سورنجاں شیریں


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Colchicum that is also called Suranjan-e-Shireen is a herbal plant with very narrow leaves broadening towards the curved tips. This herb has brownish fleshy underground stem and yellow flowers with curved tips. It can used in both forms either dried or powdered. Wounds and cuts get recovered rapidly by sprinkling the powder over the wounds.

The active principle colchicum contained in the corms is beneficial in relieving pain and inflammation of gout.

Colchicum is useful in the treatment of rheumatic swelling. A paste made with saffron and egg can be applied beneficially to rheumatic and other swelling.

Dried and powdered root of the plant is useful in the healing of wounds. It should be sprinkled to the affected area.

Benefits of Colchicum Suranjan-e-Shreen

  • It give relief from pain.
  • It is good to control inflammation
  • It is useful and cures the disease called gout.
  • It treats rheumatic swelling
  • It has healing effect and used to heal wounds and cuts

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