Colchicum Bitter (Suranjan Talkh) سورنجان تلخ


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Suranjan Talkh is a small sized herbal plant that contains very narrow leaves, large yellow flowers with curved tips. Its a type of lily plant which mostly grow on grassy slopes in the template Himalaya, Afghanistan and Turkustan.

Suranjan Talkh can be used in both forms either dried or powdered. Basically,this herb is commonly used for thereputic purpose.

Inspite of its bitter taste,this herb is very effective for the treatment of number of diseases. Such as :inflammation, gout, rheumatism etc.

Health benefits of Suranjan Talkha :

SuranjanTalkha has wonderful capacity to reduce swelling.

It is also beneficial to reduce inflammation from acute gout.

It can reduce pain and wound if applied on piles.

It is so helpful in reducing gas.

It is used to cure arthritis

It give relief from all kind of painful condition.

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