Clove (Laung) لونگ


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Cloves are the dried flowers which come from clove tree. They are spread through Out Asia, Europe and Middle East. It can be found as a spice very easily from any kind of grocery Stores and health stores nationwide. Cloves can be used as a whole or as a grinded. Clove is the beauty of food that is why mostly people use it in different food items in order to add flavor to food. These small dark brown spices are used to spice up curries, meat, sauce and other various-food.


Benefits of Laung (Cloves)

  • Cloves can help protect your stomach from ulcers.
  • Clove reduces inflammatory response in the body.
  • They reduce risk of diseases. Such as: arthritisand manage allsymptoms.
  • Having antioxidants in cloves, they can reduce risk of heart diseases,diabetes and certain other chronic diseases.
  • Cloves can also promote the better liver function.
  • Having minerals, cloves manage enzymes that help repair the bones and produce hormones as well.





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