Clove Oil (Laung Oil) لونگ کا تیل

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Laung oil (Clove oil)

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Clove oil or Laung oil is produced from the ever green tree called clove tree. This tree is grown all over the world including Europe. Its flower has certain value because they are used for making medicines.


Benefits of Laung oil (Clove oil)

Having wonderful antiseptic properties, Clove oil is to heal up for any kind of wounds, cuts,bruises, fungus and other complicated infections.

It is so beneficial for treating insects bites and its sting

Clove oil has the greatest capability to boost up immune system.

It also purifies the blood and protects body from certain serious diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

Clove oil is so beneficial for wrinkles which appear on the face and hands due to growing age or weakness.

This oil is very helpful to reduce stress level. Moreover, it is the best remedy to stimulate brain.

Clove oil brings an amazing results for those who suffer insomnia.

It is the best pain reliever for the body particularly joints and muscles.

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