Cinnamon (Darchini) دار چینی


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Cinnamon is a spice that has very ancient origins. This spice is popularly used as a flavoring as a condiment in cooking. Besides, It is also used in many culinary recipes and deserts such as: dounts, apple pie, candies, tea, hot coca.Cinnamon (Darhini) is also used in thick soup, drinks and sweets.

In United States, it is used as a flavoring for cereals, bread based dishes and fruits.


Health Benefits of Cinnamon: (Darchini)

Cinnamon is very helpful to improve cognitive functions as well as memory.

It is diuretic in nature so it helps in secretion and discharge of urine.

It is also used in the treatment of flatulence, piles and diarrhea.

It is also effective for heart diseases.

Cinnamon is the best remedy to cure fever, cold and cough as well.

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