Chebulic Preserve (Murabba Harar) ہرڑ کا مربہ

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MurabbaHarar (Chebulic)


MurabbaHarar (Chebulic) Myrobalan Preserve) is the power of medicines in (Tibb).It is considered one of the first ayuravedic herbs due to its incredible healing power.Harar is one of the dried hurb fruit which comes from Terminaliachebulic tree.

The fruit contains vitamin C and rich minerals. Such as iron,Potassium,selenium.

Benefits of MurabbaHarar (Chebulic)

MurabbaHarar keeps the mind very active and memory alive.

It works as Gastric Tonic and very effective for digesting food.

It is so useful for eye sight, headache,piles or other diseases.

It also boosts up immune system fight against infection in the body.


20-25 Grams daily or 1-2 Table spoon before sleep.

Ingredients :

Selected Harar,chebulic,Maryoblan, Aqua, sugar and preservatives.

Weight 1000 kg


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