Centratherum Anthelminticum (Kali Zeeri) کالی زیری


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Kali Zeeri is also known as a bitter cumin seeds. They are dried seeds of a type of chill pepper. These seeds taste so sweet and can be used from fried to grilled, chicken to steak. These seeds are available in fresh form, dry form and powder form. They are also used in making oil which is used for cooking vegetables and meat. Kali zeeri are easily available in grocery shops which have an amazing nutritional value. They are used in various kinds of dishes to flavor the food.


Benefits of kali zeeri


  • Kalazeeri helps to manage indigestion.
  • It is also beneficial for respiratory problems.
  • It cures asthma and helps to clear obstruction and ease breathing.
  • Having diuretic properties, kalizeeri helps manage urinary tract infections.
  • It also reduces the symptoms of wound like pain or bleeding and promotes quick healing.
  • Having strong antibacterial properties it inhabits the growth of bacteria.


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