Burley Flour (Jau Ka Atta) جو کا آٹا

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Jow Ka Aata (Burley Flour)


Barley flour is a flour prepared from dried and ground barley.It is used to prepare barley bread and other breads,such as flat bread and yeast bread.Barley flour has a sweet nut-like flavour and may be added to your favourit baked goods recipies for additional flavour and nutrition and a wonderfully tender texture.These are two general types of barley flour,Coarse and fine.Barleygroats are milled to make coarse barley flour,and pearl barley is milled to make fine barley flour.

Benefits of barley flour:

1/ Barley flour may reduce hunger and promote feelings of fullness which may lead to weight loss.

2/ Barley may also lower your cholestrol level.

3/ Regularly adding barley flour to your diet may lower your risk of heart disease.

4/ It can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels and improving insulin secretion.

5/ Barley flour helps to stabilize blood pressure.

6/ This flour is rich in plant lignans which protects against breast and other hormone dependent cancers.

7/ Barley flour is also rich in phosphorus which aids in cell regeneration.

8/ It is high in vitamin c,which supports your immune system.

9/ The iron contained in barley flour increases the blood volume,which prevents anemia and fatigue.

10/ Barley flour facilitates proper kidney function.

11/ It is rich in zinc,which promotes healing.

12/ It also contains vital minerals,vitamins and antioxidants needed for the production of healthy hair.



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