Borage (Barg E Gaozaban) گاؤزبان


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Borage/Gao Zaban is one of the most beneficial herbal also known as Starflower, Boragio and Borago. Borage has plenty of amazing health benefits due to its presence of ant-inflmatory and antioxidants properties. One of the most important and healthy nutrients found in Borage is fatty acids which is also called gammalinolenic acid (GLA) . GLA comes in the type of omega -6 one of the most essential fatty acids which fulfill over all needs of health. Containing high level of calcium,iron potassium,zinc,vitamin Band C,Borage has been provedto be the most beneficial for women healthas well.

Health benefits of Borage

  1. It heals existing Respiratory Infections.
  2. It is so helpful for loosing weight .
  3. It maintains hormonal imbalances and other chronic fatigue syndrome.
  4. It handles inflammation which mostly cause pain and swelling.
  5. It prevents heart diseases ,stroke and diabetes.
  6. Borage is considered one of the best remedy for breast milk production.
  7. Borage can lower arthritis.
  8. Moreover, It is so beneficial to reduce tensions, stress or anxiety.
  9. Borage also helps to fight eczema and skin disorder.

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