Black Cumin (Kala Zeera) کالا زیرہ

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Black Cumin seed (Nigelliastavia) is an annual hebacius plant. The seeds of cumin plant are black due to which this plant is also commonly known as a black seeds.

The herb, cumin or cumunium is easily available in most of the grocery stores.

Black cumin is is common ingredient in many savory dishes from around the world. It adds warm flavour and works well specially in soup, stews and curries.

Historically black seed has been used for headache, toothache, nasal congestion, asthma and intestinal worms.


Benefits of Black cumin or black seed:

Black cumin is so helpful for immune disorders. It transfers the invulnerable cells present in our body in to strong cells.

It helps abdominal pain. The juice from the cumin gives prompt help to all abdominal related problems.

Black cumin superbly helps in maintaining the cholesterol level in the body.

It maintains body temperature .So eating few times each day, Black cumin adjust the temperature of internal body.

Cooked black cumin give you relief in fever.

Black cumin is equally effective for skin and hair as well.

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