Black Caraway (Kalonji) کلونجی


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Black Caraway seeds are also known as a bitter cumin because of its bitter taste and strong bad adour. This herb is mainly used as a medicine but not for preparing food due to its sharp, hot and ofcourse bitter taste. Having rich medicinal properties, Black Caraway is used very effectively for the treatment of various skin infections.
Besides, skin problem, this herb has unbelievable capability to cure many other diseases as well. They include in diabetes,, asthema,kidney troubles and other chronic diseases. Its very beneficial seed ,you can roast and use it as a spice too.

Benefits of Black Caraway :(kalongi)

Black seeds contain antioxidants and therapeutic properties to protect human body from damaged cells.

It helps to to kill off existing bacteria in the body.

It helps to regulate blood sugar.

The proper use of Black Caraway protects the liver and prevent stomach ulcers.

It lowers cholesterol level and very helpful for weight loss.

It brings outstanding results to treat skin diseases.

Black Caraway seeds are over all beneficial for human health.



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