Aserio Seeds (Haloom K beej) ہالون

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Garden cress, is also known as Lepidium sativum .It is one of the edible fast-growing herb. Garden cress comes from cruciferous family and is associated to mustered.

It is an annual plant with beautiful greenish flowers that are clustered in branches tapered shape.

The stems and leaves of garden cress remain edible however only the stems and leaves can be eaten raw in salads The Garden Cress Seeds can are mostly roasted or cooked before eating.

Health Benefits of Garden Cress :

  1. Garden cress seeds bring tremendous results to Improve cardiovascular health.
  2. It is so helpful to boost immune system.
  3. It cures respiratory infections.
  4. It relieves constipation and indigestion.
  5. It is an excellent source of proteins and fulfills iron deficiency in the body as well.
  6. It helps to make irregular menstruation become more regular.
  7. It is very good for dental health and protective for eyes.
  8. It is the most effective remedy for sunburn, dry skin and broken lips.


Diabetic patients avoid use of cress seeds as they lower the blood sugar level.

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