Arundinaceum (Safed Musli) سفید موصلی


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Musli/White Musli/SafedMusli is one of the most essential and beneficial herb which is found in India but very rare. Due to its diverse medicinal benefits, the plant stands out the sixth most valuable herb by Medicinal Plant to be preserved and protected.

This herb, White Musli is used in traditional system of medicines such as Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy. The importance of White Musli is increasing day by day as a health tonic which has definitely capacity to improve immune system.

Besides it,White Musli is greatly appreciated by body builders because they believe, the herb (White Musli) promotes their body building amazingly.


Health benefits of White Musli:

White Musli strengthens immune system of body.

The proper use of White Musli increases the level of high Density lipo protein HDL(good cholesterol)

It prevents premature ejaculation and also used in a chronic Leucirrhoea.

This plant is used for curing diabetesand arthritic conditions.

It is so healthy herb as it can also enhance antioxidants enzymes and vitamin C.

White Musli improves the quantity and flow of breast milk in feeding mother.

Caution :

There is no side effects of White Musli if taken under prescribed dozes. However higher dozes may lead to gastro intestinal upsets.


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