Arq-E-Sonf (Arq-e-sonf) عرق سونف

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Name of Product from Master Files: Arq-e-Sounf


  • Arq-e-Sounf is also known as Arq-e-Badiyan.
  • It is so effective in preventing secretion of blood. Apart from it, it has other benefits too.
  • Health benefits of Arq-e-Sounf :
  • Arq-e-Sounf has ability to eliminate gas from stomach.
  • It is the best remedy for digestion and cure various other diseases related to it.
  • It purifies vessels of breathing.
  • It helps to strengthen brain.
  • It is the best treatment for cough, fever and headach as well.

Precautions :

  • Pregnant women should avoid this Arq.
  • Similarly, it should be not used till the age of two years old child.
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