Apple Murabba (Saib Ka Murabba) سیب کا مربہ


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Saib Ka Murabba (Apple Murabba)


Apple fruit is one of the sweetest and healthy fruit known as a king of fruit. The most precious and delicious thing that is prepared from pulp of apple fruit is called Apple Murabba.

Apple Murabba is mainly benifical for heart patients. It increases muscular strength of heart. So it is very effective cardic refrigerant. Apple Murabba also works as a cardic exhilarant.

Benefits of Apple Murabba:

Apple Murabba contains high source of iron which strongly help hemoglobin level stable.

It prevents chances of stones formed in the kidneys so rapidly.

It maintains blood pressure in the body.

It is very helpful for those who suffer ulcer and constipation.

It is an excellent remedy to enhance HDL(good cholesterol) and reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) .

Apple Murabba is so beneficial for skin as it also helps in reducing wrinkles.

Apple Murabba is one of the best detoxifier for liver and certainly boosts up immune system as well.

Apple Murabba reduces appetite, strengthen bones and teeth tremendously.

Dosage :

20-25 Gram daily or 1-2 Table spoon with milk before meal.

Ingredients :

Apple, Aqua, Sugar and preservatives

Weight 1000 kg


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