Anise (Badyan) بادیاں


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Star Anise / Badiyan is also known as Chinese Star Anise. This herb gets its name for having a shape of star.Star anise is highly rich in minerals,calcium, phosphorous and vitamins including vitamin A and C.

Star anise is one of the healing herbs and its medicinal value stands out as it keeps the most important compound called shikimic acid.

The most important thing is, this fruit has licoricelke flavor so it is also used as a spice in various cooked dishes. It definitely gives exotic scent and taste to meal


.Health benefits of Staror Badiyan(Anise)

Star Aniseis with full of natural antioxidants to strengthen body.

It deals with fugal infections. such as:candida albicans which is mostlyfound in throat and intestines.

It helps to settle down nerves due to its mildsedative propertiesenden sure good sleep.

Prepared tea with Star anismainly deals with abdominal cramp, bloating and constipation.

Its oil is an excellent remedy for backpain.

Star anise tea is an excellent natural remedy to ease cough and soothe sore throat.


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