Aleppo Oak (Mazu Sabz) مازو سبز


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Mazu (Aleppo) is also known as a Quercus infectoria .This is a plant or shrub which is native to both Eastern and Western countries.

This plant has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, properties Moreover; it contains antioxidants, calcium, fiber, carbohydrate, proteins, iron, vitamin A and C as well.


Benefits of Mazu (Aleppo)

  • Mazu gives relief to piles and constipation.
  • It also reduces burning sensations and discomfort in piles due to its cold nature.
  • The leaves of these plants are used for managing skin wounds or injuries and help in quick healing of the wound.
  • It reduces inflammation of tonsils and provides relaxation to the throat.
  • Having anti-fungal property, Mazu helps manage certain skin infection like ringworm.



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